Parvovirus Found in Dogs at CL County Animal Shelter, Will Jack Franks Turn That into a Political Issue the Way He Did Scabies at Valley Hi?

After reading the following press release from the McHenry County Health Department, I started wondering if McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Jack Franks would try to turn it into a political issue the way he did when scabies showed up … Continue reading

Debating Ersel Schuster’s Animal Control Privatization Idea

While she isn’t mentioned by name, District 6 McHenry County Board candidate Ersel Schuster’s proposal to look at privatizing the Animal Control function received much discussion at the February 10th meeting of the Public Health & Human Services Committee meeting. … Continue reading

Discussion of County Union Contracts in Finance Committee

The minutes of the Finance and Audit Committee for February 11, 2016, tells of consideration of two proposed union contracts. Both were passed by the full County Board last Tuesday. Resolution Authorizing a Contract Agreement Between the International Union of … Continue reading

Ersel Schuster Continues Exmination of Health Department

Below is County Board candidate Ersel Schuster’s example III of IV – “Veterinary Public Health,” division of the McHenry County Department of Health as presented to the county board in “A Document Proposing Reductions for McHenry County Government.” This installment … Continue reading

Annual 2 1/4% Raises for Animal Control Employees

Negotiations with the SEIU Local 73 McHenry County Health Department employees have been completed. The previous contract expired in November of 2014.  Being considered by County Officials is a four-year contract. The details, except for the estimate total cost each … Continue reading

Board of Health Considering Union Contract Monday

6:30 PM on Monday, January 11th, the McHenry County Board of Health will take up a Collective Bargaining Agreement between for employees of it veterinary division. The meeting will be held at the Public Health Building behind the Woodstock Courthouse. … Continue reading

Horse Neglect Gets Conviction

A press release from McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi: JAMIE KOY FOUND GUILTY OF FOUR COUNTS OF CRUEL TREATMENT OF AN ANIMAL AND EIGHT COUNTS OF NEGLECTION OF OWNER’S DUTIES Louis A. Bianchi, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that Jamie Koy, … Continue reading

Message of the Day – An Electronic Sign

What you see above is the series of messages on the electronic sign on Route 47 in front of the McHenry County Treasurer’s Office. They promote the Crystal Lake Animal Control facility, which, apparently, can provide not only pets, but … Continue reading

Animal Control – The Privatization Option

With McHenry County animal control employees not willing to accept the county’s offer, perhaps it is time to take a page out of Chicago’s book. Its Inspector General Joe Ferguson has suggested its animal control operation be privatized. Now, I … Continue reading