Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 11

The second page of the Ancel Glink March bills for the Annual Town Meeting, which was held April 13th, is the subject today. First, we finish up March 10th: “Correspondence to Pam Fender with memo to board regarding annual town … Continue reading

Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 10

Although the Grafton Township Annual Town Meeting occurred on April 13, 2010, Ancel Glink billed $8,328.22 for that purposed during the month of March. One can only wonder how many thousands of dollars more were billed in April when the … Continue reading

Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 4

One thing is certain. Grafton Township officials make enough use of law firm Ancel Glink’s services that readers of the legal fee invoices can discover a lot of what is happening on a day-by-day basis.  Today’s bill covers the last … Continue reading

Tidal Wave of Opposition Overwhelms Trustees’ Desire for New Grafton Township Offices

With over 700 registered voters in attendance, electors at the Annual Town Meeting overwhelmingly refused to follow the script laid out by Ancel Glink partner Keri-Lyn Krafthefer. There were so many people in attendance that the 700 pink ballots designed … Continue reading

Free Bus Ride Offered Lakewood & Crystal Lake Residents to Grafton Township Meeting Tuesday Night

As the Grafton Township meeting on Tuesday approaches, efforts by those who wish to spend millions of dollars to obtain or construct new township offices and those in opposition are intensifying. Opponents have hired a bus that will leave the … Continue reading

Opponents of New Grafton Township Hall Send Mailing about Annual Town Meeting

To lots of Grafton Township voters, what’s in this article won’t be a surprise. But others outside of the township might be interested in the latest move in the continuing contest between the forces backing Township Supervisor Linda Moore and … Continue reading