“Headline Bill” King Jack Franks Raises Shield against GOP Opponent Steve Reick’s Attack against Franks’ Breaking of 1998 Term Limits’ Pledge

You can tell when an issue is bothering a politician. When abortion supporters wanted “cover,” they sponsored a bill that would allow new mothers to drop their babies off at police departments. Nice warm and fuzzy bill that had minimal, … Continue reading

Chicago Tribune and AP Deserve a Spanking for Diminishing Mazullo’s Illinois Tea Party Endorsement

To its credit the Associated Press (reporter Sophia Tareen) wrote a story about the Illinois Tea Party endorsement for Congressman Don Manzullo. But, wait a minute. In its first paragraph reporter Tareen mentions a 2010 endorsement of opponent Adam Kinzinger … Continue reading

AP Finally Figures Out Quinn’s School Consolidation Plan Will Raise Local Taxes Because of Increased Grade School Teachers’ Salaries

The end of February, McHenry County Blog did the math on Governor Pat Quinn’s school consolidation proposal. The Governor’s pitch was that it would save $100 million in school administrators’ salaries. Let’s assume he is correct in laying out the … Continue reading