The Illegal Immigration Issue

I have such mixed emotions on this issue. On the one hand, I have seen the hope in the eyes of a late 20-something mother leading her children with husband bringing up the rear to a meeting in the First … Continue reading

Federal Government’s Double Standard on Local Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws

I’m not much into writing about national politics. I’ve only touched upon immigration enforcement by local officials when McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren joined other suburban sheriffs in agreeing to do so. (See April 14, 2010 article entitled, “Nygren to … Continue reading

Lecturing on Ethical Behavior in Illinois – Part 1

Most of us would start chuckling or laughing if someone told us a current Illinois politician was lecturing people about ethics. Illinois is synonymous with corruption.  On average a Chicago alderman gets convicted about every year (literally). So while there … Continue reading