A Plea for Single-Member Districts for Local Governments

Active citizen Steve Wilson offers the following lament: Voter Oversight and Span of Control There is a concept in business management called “span of control”. It refers to how many people a paid, full­time manager can reasonably be expected to … Continue reading

The Petition for a Special Meeting to Allow a Vote on Holding an April Referendum on Whether Voters Should Select the County Board Chairman

Here are the McHenry County Board members who signed Nick Provenzano’s petition to call a special meeting on Friday, January 18th at 9 AM to consider whether voters should have a shot in April at passing a referendum on whether … Continue reading

Republicans and Democrats Give Jack Franks Another Hook to Attack County Board

Yesterday’s meeting of the McHenry County Board’s Management Services Committee resulted in inaction on the issue of putting a question on the April ballot asking whether voters want a direct election for County Board Chairman in 2014 has given Democrat … Continue reading

County Board Committee Favors Delay of Referendum on Electing Chairman

Just from examining the agenda that newly-installed Management Services Committee Paula Yensen drafted, one could predict that nothing would come of the Monday morning meeting concerning whether the public should be allowed to vote on whether the Chairman of the … Continue reading

Here’s a Reason People Might Want to Elect the McHenry County Board Chairman

It’s a comment from County Board Chairman candidate Tina Hill. I found it in a Sunday Daily Herald article. “I’m not going to have any comment on that because it’s an internal thing,” she said. “I don’t deny what I … Continue reading

Mike Walkup Calls for Direct Election of County Board Chairman

Below are the comments of District 3 McHenry County Board candidate Mike Walkup made to the Board this morning: Yesterday Jack Franks filed his petition to establish a county executive in McHenry County. I was at the County Fair over … Continue reading

Jack Franks Ups the Pressure for At-Large County Board Chairman’s Election

Jack Franks has given another signal that he wants to be King of McHenry County. Today a robo-call poll asks whether people favor a McHenry County Board Chairman “elected by the citizens of McHenry County.” Here’s as close to the … Continue reading

Illinois House Chainsaws Jack Franks

It hasn’t been a good week for Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks. “Chainsaw Jack” got lots of blowback from his venture into playing gofer for the electric utilities of Illinois. He quickly figured out he did not have the … Continue reading