Aavang, McCann Township Consolidation Votes Ruled Invalid, But Motion to Kill Stands

On October 6, 2015, the McHenry County the McHenry County Board voted down proposals to allow citizens to vote on whether they wanted to consolidate various townships. The vote was defeated 9-13. In early December, Wonder Lake’s Bob Anderson filed … Continue reading

Schuster, Gottemoller, Barnes Lead in County Board Attendance

Thanks to a friend of McHenry County Blog for the following analysis of the attendance of McHenry County Board members for 2013, 2014 and 2015 through October.   County Board member meeting attendance records       Includes Board meetings and primary … Continue reading

County Board Pay and Benefits Questioned

As I was entering the County Board’s Finance Committee last Thursday, Mary McCann was proposing an amendment to the resolution setting members’ salaries. Instead of the flat rate of $21,000 a year, she proposed returning to the per diem approach … Continue reading

Arne Waltmire Assaults John Hammerand with Mailings & Robo-Call

Fueled by thousands and thousands of dollars of teacher union money, Crystal Lake South auto mechanics teacher Arne Waltmire is filling mailboxes and people’s ears with campaign messages. Pretty much all are negative, aimed at defeating incumbent Republican John Hammerand. … Continue reading