Robert Miller CL City Council Ballot Access Case Set for Wednesday

Dianne Miller updates readers on what happened in court today with regard to her husband Robert Miller’s quest to overcome being kicked off the Crystal Lake City Council Ballot by elected Crystal Lake officials. The petition challenge was brought by … Continue reading

Comment from One Named “In Favor of All Paper Ballots”

More commentary on McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan’s conduct of the fall election: Re: “McClellan discovered early Thursday afternoon that the county election website had not updated with early voting numbers.” Another flat out lie by the “bully”. The Clerk … Continue reading

Skillicorn Calls for Audit for McHenry County Elections

A public official with no personal stake in the outcome has called for an audit of the vote counting by McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan. State Rep. Allen Skillicorn, who was unopposed  in Tuesday’s election, issued the following press release: … Continue reading

Ken Tentler Explains His Lake in the Hills Village Trustee Candidacy

Last Thursday night after the McHenry mayoral campaign forum, I met Ken Tentler.  He introduced himself and told me he was running for Village Trustee in Lake in the Hills. To say I was surprised that a LITH candidate would be … Continue reading

Engaging the Chicago Board of Elections on Ballot Security

Barrington Hills resident Sharon Meroni has made ballot integrity a major goal in her life. Colleague Steve Boulton attended her presentation to the Chicago Board of Elections and wrote the following article, reprinted here with permission of the author Defend … Continue reading

Barack Obama Ballot Challenge Dropped as Objectors Concede 3,000 Signatures Exist

Here’s the scoop from Defend the Vote‘s Sharon Merconi: “The past couple of days were very busy! “As workers in the political field know all too well, the period just after filing for the ballot is a crazy time in … Continue reading

Chicago Board of Elections Security Found “Wholly Inadequate”

A press release from Defend the Vote: AUDIT REPORT PEER REVIEWED AND PUBLISHED BY THE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL SECURITY DOWNLOAD THE EXPLOSIVE REPORT  How difficult is it for the dead to vote in Illinois? Defend the Vote tested this question … Continue reading

Huntley Tea Party Schedules Vote Fraud Prevention Meeting

A press release from the Huntley Tea Party: Public Forum on Fraud in the Election Process For years now we have heard stories of problems with our Election Process. There was the “hanging chads” in Florida, the Acorn issues when … Continue reading

Are Ballots Counted Honestly?

Without ballot integrity, democracy disappears. If you can’t be sure your vote is being counted correctly and only votes of others voting legally are being counted as well, what trust would you have in the governmental system? The Crystal Lake … Continue reading

Cost of 2006 Error by State Board of Elections Recovered

The McHenry County State’s Attorney has captured the cost incurred when the Illinois State Board of Elections failed to place Circuit Court Judge Maureen McIntyre on the ballot. Lou Bianchi’s press release follows: “Louis A. Bianchi, McHenry County State’s Attorney, … Continue reading