Critique of Allen Skillicorn’s Proposal to Allow Cities to Enter Bankruptcy

Bond analyst Steve Willson critiques State Rep. Allen Skillicorn’s legislation to allow municipalities to go through bankruptcy: With due respect to Mr. Skillicorn, this legislation will provide virtually no relief to Illinois taxpayers. The purpose of municipal bankruptcy is to … Continue reading

Woodstock Woman Pleads Guilty to Bankruptcy Fraud

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: Woodstock Woman Pleads Guilty To False Statements In Bankruptcy ROCKFORD — SOULA APOSTOLOPOULOS, 46, of Woodstock, Ill., formerly of Barrington Hills, Ill., pled guilty today before U.S. District Judge Philip G. Reinhard … Continue reading

U.S. Appellate Court Decision Gives First Amendment Rights of Newspapers to Blogs

Since the following court decision expands protections for bloggers, such as McHenry County Blog, it is being reprinted in full.  My thanks for an alert Friend of McHenry County Blog for telling me about it.  Highlighting and additional paragraphing has … Continue reading

$18 Million Looter of Health Care Expense Care Accounts Pleads Guilty

So you tell your employer to put some of your money in a health care expense (or salary reduction) account so you can pay medical bills with tax free money. You better hope that your employer didn’t hire an outfit … Continue reading

Lakewood Village President Writes Her Turnberry Neighbors about the Problems of the Turnberry Country Club

The Turnberry Country Club is having financial problems. That’s been rumored for quite a while. But the club did not declare bankruptcy. The ownership is in transition says Lakewood Village President Erin Smith. Her husband Mike was the last president … Continue reading