Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas Fails the Telephone Access Test

I see the mention of the Village of Barrington Hill’s failure to answer Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas’ request for debt information in Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune editorial. That failure was noticed and memorialized by The Barrington Hills Observer. On that … Continue reading

“Barrington Hills Observer” Offers Reasons for Electric Aggregation Referendum Failure

A local blog called “The Barrington Hills Observer” offers a suggestion as to why the electric aggregation referendum failed in Barrington Hills. Deepening the mystery are favorable referendum results in the neighboring villages of Barrington and South Barrington. “Why did … Continue reading

New Sources of News in Barrington Hills and Why Lack of Reporting of Zane Seipler’s Court Victory Argues for Non-Traditional News Sources

The more sources of information about local affairs, the better I figure. Actually, one of the most influential thinkers of my time in Aaron Wildavski’s Oberlin College (before he went to Berkley) government class was Yale’s Robert Dahl.  He wrote … Continue reading