Testing the Memory of Past MCC Board President George Lowe

The following article form Feb. 3, 2008, might give current readers an idea of the past service of McHenry County College Board candidate George Lowe. Lowe seeks to return to the Board for a six-year term. The Daily Herald seems … Continue reading

Politics May Cause Floor Fight over Scott Summers’ 708 Board Nomination

When I saw that Scott Summers had been picked by the Public Health & Human Services Committee, it struck me that the committee had picked a Democrat. (And, before that, a Green Party candidate for State Treasurer and Congress.) Not … Continue reading

“First Come, First Served” Proves Bad Strategy for Awarding Stimulus Bond Authority

The McHenry County Board’s Finance Committee decided to award millions of dollars of Federal Stimulus Bond authority on a “first come, first served” basis. The first two private entities in line were sports related. One was Mark Houser’s EquityOne’s baseball … Continue reading

Woodstock Baseball Stadium/Gravel Pit Blowback

I continue to be amazed at how McHenry County Blog is used by people as a research tool. Sometimes comments are left on articles that were written a long time ago. Here’s a commentary from someone who lives on McConnell … Continue reading

Algonquin Minor League Baseball Team Owner Courting Joliet Now that JackHammers Have Run Out of Money

Algonquin’s Joe Stefani, president and majority owner of the Rockford Foresters, is interested in bringing a amateur college baseball players who would not be paid. The NCAA won’t let college players be paid. Stefani started a team in Rockford this … Continue reading

ALAW Presents County Board Votes on Federal Stimulus Bonds

The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water has made votes by McHenry County Board members up for election available to the public. So, if the local newspapers didn’t ask the question you think is important, you might find some direction … Continue reading

Joliet JackHammers on the Block

In two senses. If they were an animal, their necks on on the chopping block. In economic terms, there are for sale. That’s what the Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday. Why do I keep bringing up a Will County minor league … Continue reading

What McHenry County College Taxpayers Avoided

When the McHenry County College Board was relieved of its possibility of building a minor league baseball stadium that would be financed by its taxpayers if the team didn’t succeed. The Board did not do that on its own. It … Continue reading

Republicans at War

In case you haven’t noticed the forces grouped behind McHenry County Sheriff are at war with the forces behind McHenry County State’s Attorney. I have no clue when the war started, but it was manifested in Sheriff Keith Nygren‘s not … Continue reading

Donna Kurtz Holds Fund Raiser

In one of the first county board fund raisers of the year, McHenry County College Board member Donna Kurtz gathered supporters at The Cottage at the corner of Crystal Lake Avenue and Brink Street Thursday night. Kurtz is running to … Continue reading

“CornBelters” to Play Minor League Baseball at “Corn Crib” Stadium at Heartland Community College

The team was named the “CornBelters.“ Nice play on words. The “Corn Crib” is what the stadium will be called. I wonder if it will be decorated like South Dakota’s Corn Palace. It’s covered with murals made out of corn … Continue reading

Big Lakewood Sports Complex at Routes 176 and 47, Ancillary Uses in Second Phase

After the McHenry County Board’s Finance Committee meeting, Chairman Marc Munaretto answered some questions. One of them concerned how the allocation of Federal Stimulus Bonds for McHenry County was $27.5 million, but that there were about to be $33 million … Continue reading

What Happened at Baseball Stadium Pitch to County Board Committee

I haven’t gotten around to writing a story on baseball stadium promoter Mark Houser’s pitch to the McHenry County Board’s Finance and Audit Committee yesterday, so I would encourage you to read the stories of the other three reporters there: … Continue reading