County Board Pensions and Health Insurance

There were two questions asked of all candidates who participated (only Mary McCann did not) in the McHenry County League of Women Voters candidates’ forums for County Board: Pensions (and insurance the second time around) Homelessness I’ll deal with the … Continue reading

County Employees Pay 21% of Health Benefits Cost

This evening at five, the Human Services Committee will meet to consider employee health insurance costs, among other topics. This coming year, employees paid out of the General Fund will contribute $2,329,999 Taxpayers will pay the rest: $12,392,849 All those … Continue reading

MCC President Vicky Smith’s Contract Calls for Salary of $211,000 thru June, Then, CPI + 3%

$211,013.01 is the salary that is before the McHenry County College Board on Thursday night for President Vicky Smith’s from May 22nd through June 30th of this year. After that, it’ll “be increased by an amount equal to the percent … Continue reading

LITH Naval Vet Featured in Tribune Story about Agent Orange Benefits

Actually the story on the front page of the Friday Chicago Tribune was about those who have developed diseases like prostate cancer who are not eligible for Veterans Administration benefits because they never stepped foot on Vietnam soil. That includes … Continue reading

Federal Judge Bans Algonquin Firms from Employee Benefits Income Tax Sheltering Business, $239 to $300 Million Involved

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: FEDERAL COURT IN ILLINOIS SHUTS DOWN NATIONWIDE “EMPLOYEE BENEFIT PLAN” TAX SCHEME WASHINGTON – A federal court has permanently barred Tracy L. Sunderlage, Linda Sunderlage and four companies from operating an alleged … Continue reading