Analysis of the Mess Illinois Finds Itself – Fact 13

A continuation of the analysis of the current situation in Illinois by WirePoints: Fact 13 13. Struggling social services. Several nonprofits and social service agencies were already closing their doors during the 2009-2013 period due to the state’s nonpayment of bills. The Urban Institute ranked Illinois the … Continue reading

Tax Bills and Assessments

With State Rep. Jack Franks about to get lots of publicity about keeping real estate tax bills down, it’s worth looking at the underlying problem. This is the third or fourth article I have written on the subject.  It’s a … Continue reading

Anatomy of the Special Prosecutor’s Lou Bianchi Case for February, 2011

With today’s billings from Quest International, we move into the second month of 2011. Quest is the company selected by McHenry County Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan in his unsuccessful quest to convict McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi of felony … Continue reading

The Grafton Township Legal Bills for March and April, 2011

The legal bills of Grafton Township for March and April, 2011, follow: The analysis shows that of the$16,313.20, 82.3% was billed by Ancel Glink, the law firm representing Grafton Township’s Trustees.  The dollar amount is $13,430.05. John Nelson, attorney for … Continue reading

Special Prosecutors Have Filed No New Bills

With the McHenry County on the offensive, Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan has filed no additional bills for his services, those of his assistant Thomas McQueen and investigative firm Quest International. We know the team is still doing stuff, because their … Continue reading

McHenry County Board’s Secret Special Prosecutor Meeting Passes AG’s Muster

It couldn’t be characterized as “transparent,” but the secret meeting the McHenry County Board held on Feb. 14, 2011, to discuss legal bills from Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan doesn’t qualify as “Illegal.’ Former McHenry County Board member Lou Anne Majewski … Continue reading

Homework for the McHenry County Board

Thus far, the McHenry County Board has abdicated it responsibility to review bills submitted from Special Prosecutor. Wednesday, McHenry County Blog posted the most recent bills from Quest International the firm hired to do the field work and computer analysis. … Continue reading

Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan’s Bill at $312,259.62 with Three Months’ Outstanding

Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan’s bill for his multi-year investigation of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s alleged misuse of office resources for political purposes took another step Monday when he filed a bill for August through November of last year. … Continue reading

Tonigan Fails to Present Bill for Lastest Activity

There was a press conference yesterday at which three people being paid for by McHenry County taxpayers stood up and explained new indictments against McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi and two of his investigators. The three are Henry Tonigan, … Continue reading

Legal Fees Paid Mainly to James Sotos’ Defense of Sheriff Keith Nygren in Zane Seipler’s Wrongful Termination Suit

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog showed you the legal expenses resulting from the dismissal of Sheriff’s Deputy Zane Seipler. That case has been through arbitration, which Seipler won, circuit court, which Seipler won, and is now in the 2nd Appellate Court. … Continue reading

Taxpayer Side of Zane Seipler’s Arbitration Suit

McHenry County Blog posted the legal fees paid by county taxpayers recently in the case re-instating Sheriff’s Deputy Bob Schlenkert. Although Schlenkert won the case almost eleven months ago, Sheriff Keith Nygren hasn’t settled up on issues of back pay … Continue reading

Attorney General to McHenry County: Show Us the Special Prosecutor’s Bills

On September 23, I filed an appeal to McHenry County’s denial of my Freedom of Information request for “copes of the bills that were submitted by Special Prosecutor Tonigan,” plus for “any for consultants, investigators, or anything else submitted.” “No, … Continue reading