Cary Grade School District Holding Meeting to Explain Next Year’s Tax Levy

Tax districts are required to place “black border” ads in the paper to notify residents if they plan to increase their tax levies more than 5%. Cary Grade School District 26 is not increasing its levy 5% or more, but … Continue reading

More Tax Districts Unclear on the Process

Three more local governments Cary Library District Harvard Fire Protection District Woodstock Rural Library District have published “black box” legal ads in the Northwest Herald.These ads were required by a bill passed during Jim Thompson’s second term in office, following … Continue reading

Village of Union Doesn’t Understand Tax Cap

Under the Property Tax Cap, a non-Home Rule Unit (think municipalities over 25,000 people like Chicago, Crystal Lake and McHenry, plus municipalities who have approved Home Rule by referendum vote lie Barrington Hills) may not raise its tax levy by … Continue reading