Attorney General Rules McHenry County Blog “News Media” for Purposes of Freedom of Information Requests

The Public Access Division of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office has ruled that McHenry County Blog is to be considered “media” under the Freedom of Information Act. McHenry County Blog is now the only blog in Illinois certified as a … Continue reading

Tribune Writes Up Sheriff’s Race

Friday after Tuesday’s election, the Chicago Tribune published a story about the Bill Prim-Andy Zinke Sheriff’s contest. At one point far into the article reporter Bob McCoppin focused on the impact of bloggers. Lou Bianchi answered, “Did bloggers have an … Continue reading

U.S. Appellate Court Decision Gives First Amendment Rights of Newspapers to Blogs

Since the following court decision expands protections for bloggers, such as McHenry County Blog, it is being reprinted in full.  My thanks for an alert Friend of McHenry County Blog for telling me about it.  Highlighting and additional paragraphing has … Continue reading

Skeleton in Zinke’s Closet

Zane Seipler’s blog about the McHenry County Sheriff’s race is a place I keep checking, even though he does not update it daily. The latest article, entitled “Discrepancies,” is ostensibly about the incompleteness of the replies of Freedom of Information … Continue reading

A Day in Zane Seipler’s Court Case Against Sheriff Keith Nygren – Part 3

Part 1 and Part 2 of my day in Magistrate P. Michael Mahoney’s Rockford courtroom last Friday have run previously. The attorney representing three deputies involved in the Pavlin court case sought to have his clients exempted from deposition questioning … Continue reading

One Millionth Hit for McHenry County Blog Today

It was October, 2005, when the Vulcan Lakes TIF proposal by the city council spurred me to start McHenry County Blog. I knew–and knew that most others didn’t–that every dollar that gets poured into a Tax Increment Financing District’s project … Continue reading

Newly Elected Lake in the Hills Trustee Has Blog

Not many locally elected officials have blogs. Today I discovered one for Denise Barreto, elected to the Lake in the Hills village board last spring. Her blog is the only one I know of in McHenry County. It’s called, Denise … Continue reading