Former Democratic County Board Member Nick Chirikos Gets $550 in Bonuses Miscellaneous Income from Bob Miller

Former McHenry County Board member Nick Chirikos was employed by Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller during his last year in office. Chirikos beat Republican Bob Bless in 2012. Republican Andrew Gasser beat him four years later. Chirikos was hired … Continue reading

Former GOP McHenry County Board Member Robert Bless Has Law License Suspended

Fox River Grove’s Robert Bless came out of nowhere to win the Republican nomination for McHenry County Board in 2008. He beat two better known candidates: former Fox River Grove village president Bill Yocius, who ran against me in the … Continue reading

First Electric Newspaper Details Bob Bless’ Termination by Cook County Sheriff’s Department

Pete Gonigam at the First Electric Newspaper reports that former McHenry County Board member Robert Bless has been let go by the Cook County Sheriff’s Department. That county’s Merit Commission, which apparently actually has meetings, unlike the McHenry County Sheriff’s … Continue reading

Bob Bless Attorney Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Democratic Party County Board Opponent

You can read the contents below: LAW OFFICES OF RONALD JUSTIN 102 N. EVERGREEN, SUITE 220 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL 60004 RONALDMJUSTIN@GMAIL.COM Nick Chirikos 10075 N. River Rd. Algonquin IL 60102 Notice to cease and desist Dear Mr. Nick Chirikos: Please … Continue reading

McHenry County Board Members May Have Signaled Intention to “Tax to the Max” Again

Getting as much money out of taxpayers is pretty much the goal of every tax district official, from school board member to township trustee. To do that, boards need to ask for more than the increase in the Cost of … Continue reading

Algonquin Founders Day Parade – Mainly Politics

He wasn’t at the front of the parade but the owner of Port Edward, Ed Woloweic, was the Grand Marshall. The parade took about an hour, truncated because of construction south on Route 31. Most of the politic entries which … Continue reading

What’s the Downside of Tonya Franklin’s Running against “Chainsaw Jack” Franks?

The upside is obvious. Democrat Jack Franks has to pay more attention to getting re-elected. That means Jack Franks will have less time to go elsewhere in Illinois to elect other Democrats who will vote to make Mike Madigan House … Continue reading

Jack Franks Now Free to Help Democrats Running for the McHenry County Board

Still thinking about the implications of the McHenry County GOP interview committee’s decision to reject Tonya Franklin’s offer to run a high energy campaign against 7-term incumbent Democrat Jack Franks. Today Jack Franks is sighing a big “Whew.” The reason? … Continue reading

The Problems of County Board Member Bob Bless

Columbia Journalism School grad Pete Gonigam, Editor of the First Electric Newspaper, wrote an article last Thursday about the legal problems of District 1 McHenry County Board member Robert Bless. Bless is running for re-election this fall, along with two … Continue reading

County Board Set to Tack Another $475,000 on Budget

On March 27, McHenry County’s Finance and Audit Committee discussed emergency appropriations: a pair of contracts for the Planning and Development Department – one for a computer program for their Permitting System and another for their Digital Plan Review in … Continue reading

Free Ride for District 1 McHenry County Board GOP Primary Candidates

With long-time McHenry County Board member and Ken Koehler opponent Marc Munaretto deciding not to run for re-election, the Republican Party will present four people who have served on the Board to the electorate. Three are current incumbents: Anna May … Continue reading

First Day Sees 25 Candidates File for 24 County Board Spots – Democrats Waiting

With the exception of any Democrats, most of those wanting to serve on the McHenry County Board filed petitions in the County Clerk’s Office today. An asterisk in front of a name means they filed at 8 AM when the … Continue reading

Who Voted to Raise Your County Taxes?

The McHenry County Board failed to break with the “increase the tax take as much as possible” crowd, but they came close. Barb Wheeler made the motion to remove the CPI and Nick Provenzano seconded it.   Wheeler is a candidate … Continue reading