Roland Burris Ties for Last in Pension Fund Board Election

Elected officials can’t seem to retire. The Illinois General Assembly Retirement System had an election of members recently to fill a board vacancy. All receiving pensions from the system were eligible to vote. The winner was former State Rep. and … Continue reading

Rolland Burris Running for Office Again

With the death of former Republican State Representative Phil Collins, a vacancy was created on the General Assembly Retirement System Board. Seven annuitants have stepped forward to fill his place. All are former legislators, except one. He is former State … Continue reading

Pension Winners in the General Assembly Retirement System

Jim Tobin’s National Taxpayers United of Illinois has revealed the top 50 pensions for the General Assembly Retirement Fund. It doesn’t have many pensioners, but the legislative retirement fund has some big payouts. Part of the reason is that statewide … Continue reading