Unethical Trump Prober Andrew Weissman Eviscerated in New Book

Just finished “Licensed to Lie” by Sidney Powell. Written in 2014 and self-published, the book is getting significant coverage now. The reason is that one of the lead Justice Department miscreants–Andrew Weissman–in the series of Enron cases is now a … Continue reading

Roger Keats’ Book, “Chicago Confidential,” Jumps Out of Current News Stories

In the Epilogue of his new book “Chicago Confidential,” former State rep. and Senator Roger Keats says he has “changed the names to protect the guilty.” The book is an insider’s look at political corruption in Chicago and Illinois. If … Continue reading

“More Guns, Less Crime” Book Review

Nine more years of data in this third edition of “More Guns, Less Crime.” When I read the second edition eight years ago, I was pleased that John Lott’s hypothesis of the mid-1990’s had up held. After all, it’s just … Continue reading