Illinois Dems Lose Thinking-Type New Jobs as Caterpillar Goes to South Dakota

When a engineering design center gets opened in South Dakota and not expanded in Illinois, this tells you how unfriendly the Democrats and their union bosses have made Illinois for a company with worldwide headquarters here. Of course if you … Continue reading

Ex-Operating Engineers Chief Bill Dugan to Plead Guilty to Buffalo Feeder Misdemeanor

With Monday’s Federal charge for getting $900 of buffalo feeders from a firm when Operating Engineers 150 union members worked, Tuesday’s Chicago Sun-Times brings the news that Western Maryland buffalo rancher William Dugan is going to plead guilty to the … Continue reading

Bill Dugan, Long-Time, Now-Retired, Head of Operating Engineers Local 150 Indicted

The U.S. Attorney has released the following press release about the indictment of Bill Dugan, long-time president of Local 150 of the Operating Engineers. The Operating Engineers are the only Chicago-area union that tends to side with the Republican Party … Continue reading