McHenry Township Consolidation Opponents Showing Over $7,800 Available for Campaign

Contributions to Political Action Committee–Citizens for Facts First–opposing the consolidation of the McHenry Township Road District into the Township total $7,841.51. You can see the big contributors below: $1,200 – Loan from Mariclare Adams $500 – Lake Cook Plumbing Service, … Continue reading

$9,150 Donated to McHenry High School Tax Hike Committee from Car Dealers, Potential Vendors and Teachers Union

On Tuesday, the McHenry High School Tax Hike Committee, calling itself the McHenry District 156 Vote YES for Lower Taxes and Better Schools, scored $9,150 more in campaign contributions. Here is where they came from $2,000 – Sunnyside Company [Chrysler, … Continue reading

McHenry High School Tax Hike Committee Wants Yes Vote To Keep Taxes from Maximum Decrease, Vote NO and cut your taxes by $325 a year!

The McHenry District 156 Vote Yes for Lower Taxes and Better Schools committee has a campaign that is a naked attempt to deceive voters into missing out on a really big tax cut in 2020. The District currently levies about … Continue reading