State Senate Candidates’ Night – Part 6 – Campaign Contributions

Continuing coverage of the League of Women Voters Candidates’ Night for those seeking State Senate seats looking at answers to the question of campaign contributions. And the candidates had a minute to answer the question My notes are below: 32nd District … Continue reading

Franks Raising Money

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog ran a story about State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) having spent almost $208,000 or $8.86 per vote. The “News and Events” page of Franks’ campaign web site highlights a Maggiano’s Little Italy fund raiser in Chicago. … Continue reading

Campaign "Reform" from Lou Lang

Reading the post-veto do-over that Democrats want of campaign finance reform put State Rep. Lou Lang’s vision of the subject in a new light. At last Wednesday night’s meeting of the McHenry County Democratic Party Central Committee, Lang, state representative … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Clotheslined

Don’t see clothes lines much anymore. Guess most people have clothes dryers now. I think my bit-too-uppity Village of Lakewood has even banned this “green” way of drying clothes. I found this clothes line in the blessedly unincorporated early McHenry … Continue reading