The Grayslake School Board Incumbents’ Campaign (Email) Trail – Part 1

What caught my interest today was an article on the Lake County Tea Party site by Paul Mitchell about Grayslake Unit School District 46. It is based on emails sent to and from the school district’s email server and shows … Continue reading

“Vote the Recumbent, Not the Incumbent”

I don’t know which is the bigger story: Green Party candidate Rich Whitney’s coming to McHenry County or the Northwest Herald’s finally covering a 2010 gubernatorial appearance in McHenry County Let’s start with Whitney. I made it to the Woodstock … Continue reading

8th District Watch – Former Joe Walsh Staffer Sues Candidate

“Been there, seen that” was my reaction when I read former campaign manager Kieth Liscio’s press release about suing his former employer, 8th District GOP candidate Joe Walsh. Back in 1982 when I unsuccessfully ran for Congress against incumbent U.S. … Continue reading