The Explanation of Wight & Co. of What MCC’s Campus Should Look Like 40 Years from Now

McHenry County College Facilty Master Plan Information provided by the college after the presentation: Facility Master Plan Information – April 26, 2012   Rationale: Why MCC Should Pursue a Master Plan The development and planning for facilities now offers an … Continue reading

Obama Refuses to Issue Prison Rape Regulations But Finds Time to Promulgate Campus Rape Regs

Eric Holder begins his introductory remarks to U.S. Justice Department web site readers with this statement: “The primary mission of the United States Department of Justice is to do justice. “Our only responsibility it to do the right thing.” If … Continue reading

McHenry County College Rolls Out $279 Million 10-Year Campus “Vision,” Cost for 2052 Plan $640 Million in 2013 Dollars without Interest

“Vision” was the word that main presenter Leanne Meyer-Smith used to describe the $278.5 million (excluding “soft” and acquisition costs) proposal her firm developed for the McHenry County College Board. As with most presentations of government “goods,” the cost didn’t … Continue reading