MCC Trustee Applicants Being Interviewed Revealed

Tonight’s the night when the six McHenry County College Trustees are interviewing applicants for the board vacancy created when Tom Wilbeck, elected a bit over two years ago, resigned due to moving a little bit out of the district. The … Continue reading

MCC President Vicky Smith Gets Contract Extended, But Pay Raise Suspended; Newcomers Elect Ron Parrish Board President

Below is the report upon which the old McHenry County College Board voted for 5-2. Well, it’s not quite what the Board voted on. The Board did not set President Vicky Smith’s compensation. Read the report carefully. Voting in favor … Continue reading

MCC Board Follows Northwest Herald’s Advice, Kicks Vicky Smith’s Contract Renewal Down Road to Last Day in Office for Three Members

I wish I had managed to make it to the McHenry County College Board meeting earlier. From what Woodstock Advocate blogger Gus Philpott said in the public comment section of the meeting, the room was packed with college employees when … Continue reading

Is McHenry County College More Likely or Less Likely to Improve Its Image Tuesday Night?

The Northwest Herald’s Kevin Craver has been a busy guy. He just posted a scathing piece on his blog, “Opening Doors.” The subject is the very “special” meeting of the McHenry County College Board to extend the contract of President … Continue reading

MCC Apparently Published Incomplete Agenda for Meeting to Extend College President’s Contract Before Three New Members Take Office

Someone seems to have stimulated a change in agenda the McHenry County Board’s Special Meeting on Tuesday night at 6 to extend President Vicky Smith’s contract for no-one-know-how-long-yet because the public has been given access to the document. Gus Philpott … Continue reading

MCC Board Waited Until May 24th Last Year to Renew Vicky Smith Contract. Why Act on April 16th This Year with New Members Being Sworn in on April 25?

Of course, the answer is obvious. Two of the Vicky Smith supporters will no longer be on the McHenry County College Board on May 24, 2013. New members are being sworn in on April 25. The longest serving members–Barbara Walters … Continue reading

Molly Walsh, Tom Wilbeck and Chris Jenner Appear to Have Won McHenry County College Seats, Major Transfusion of New Blood

With almost all the votes cast in person totaled in McHenry County and reports in from Kane and Lake Counties, it appears that the McHenry County College Board is due for a major transfusion of new blood. Molly Walsh, a … Continue reading

MCC Board Member Ron Parrish Endorses Challengers Tom Wilbeck & Chris Jenner for College Board over Incumbents Carol Larson and Barbara Walters

A press release from the folks supporting Chris Jenner and Tom Wilbeck for McHenry County College Board: Ron Parrish Endorses Tom Wilbeck and Chris Jenner for McHenry County College Board Ron Parrish, who has been a McHenry County College trustee … Continue reading

Chris Jenner and Tom Wilbeck’s McHenry County College Handout

Continuing on my effort to post literature from candidates, here is what MCC Board candidates Tom Wilbeck and Chris Jenner are distributing. Those wishing some to hand out may email or … Continue reading

Eight MCC Candidates Face Public, Incumbent Barbara Walters Doesn’t

Eight of the nine candidates for the McHenry County Board showed up to face a small fraction of the public at the MCC auditorium Monday night. There were Scott Alford Chris Jenner Carol Larson Erik Sivertsen Mike Smith Molly Walsh … Continue reading

Health Club, etc., Discussed at MCC Meeting

The question of whether it is a conflict of interest for Power Wellness to be paid $50,000 to determine if a health club should be built at McHenry County College which Power Wellness might end up operating surfaced at Tuesday … Continue reading

McHenry County College Asked for 10% Tax Hike This Year

Dateline April 17, 2012. Finance and Negotiations Committee, McHenry County College. Trustees Dennis Adams, Ron Parrish, Carol Larson present, Barbara Walters absent. President Vicky Smith and Chief Financial Officer Larry West. The minutes tell of West explaining that “the College … Continue reading

U of I Shah Has McHenry County College Connection

Niranjan Shah, the former University of Illinois Board Chairman, has a welcome connection to McHenry County. I’m told that former McHenry County College Trustee David Murphy of Cary initiated a $500,000 pledge from Shah to help purchase the college’s Shah … Continue reading

MCC Sells Tower Lands for $6, Maybe $7 Million

Faced with competing sellers, including perhaps the Crystal Lake Park District and a landowner a mile west in Woodstock, the McHenry County College Board voted unanimously, with Scott Summers absent, to sell 3.67 acres to BMB Communications Management for a … Continue reading

MCC “Transparency.” Not.

Notice how I am trying to catch up to the lingo of the younger generation in my headline. McHenry County Board member Scott Summers asked a couple of months ago for MCC staffers to explore and cost out whether th … Continue reading

MCC “Transparency.” Not.

Notice how I am trying to catch up to the lingo of the younger generation in my headline. McHenry County Board member Scott Summers asked a couple of months ago for MCC staffers to explore and cost out whether th … Continue reading