Can MCC Foundation Use Donations to Urge Voters to Vote for Referendums?

It has been most frustrating to have to fight McHenry County Conservation District referendums. As I have mentioned previously (see Why Odds Against Taxpayer if Conservation District Goes to Referendum), the frustration comes from having to fight money that should … Continue reading

Anti-Poverty Support Index vs. Put Your Own Money Where Your Mouth Is Index

A group called the Sergeant Shriver National Center on Poverty Law has developed what it calls a “scorecard” on support of government programs to fight poverty. I found out by reading Diane Novak’s article, “Congress’ strong polarization clear in poverty … Continue reading

Attorney General’s Office “Reaching Out” to Soar to Higher Heights Foundation Officially Formed

The Soar to Higher Heights Foundation is being contacted by the Charitable Trusts Division of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, according to press officer Robyn Ziegler. McHenry County Blog checked last week as to whether the foundation had registered with … Continue reading

Walking the Walk – Gov. Pat Quinn Leads by Example

Governor Pat Quinn has released his income tax forms to at least the Chicago Sun-Times. Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney reports today that Quinn earned $120,226 last year. More interesting to me was that he contributed to $12,379 to charitable … Continue reading