Sky High Ski Lift Fee Hike

Up 1,525%! I was reading Capitol Fax Blog yesterday and found a reference to a Quad City Times editorial about the Pat Quinn administration having raised ski lift inspection fees from $60 to $950. Democrats punching business in the gut … Continue reading

Manzullo Seeks McHenry County Amtrak Stop

Didn’t know an Amtrak route is planned through McHenry County. Well, if you are a regular reader of McHenry County Blog, you would. Links to McHenry County Blog’s stories follow: April 3, 2010 – Quinn Says Amtrak Going Through Belvidere … Continue reading

Barrington Hills Objects to Definition of “Estate” in McHenry County Land 2030 Use Plan

The following press release was received from the Village of Barrington Hills. It concerns the 2030 Land Use Plan.  One of its objections is the almost complete abandonment of the horse raising heritage of McHenry County. When the first count … Continue reading