FRG Mayor Throws in with Chicago on State Aid to Educatoin

Fox River Grove’s Village President Robert J. Nunamaker has thrown in with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Here’s what a Chicago Sun-Times article says today: “Robert J. Nunamaker, mayor of Fox River Grove, was asked why he was supporting a bill … Continue reading

Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 33

Since moving to Illinois in 1958, I’ve been following Chicago schools. The first reason was because Benjamin Willis, my mother’s Queen Anne’s County School Superintendent, was then in charge of the Chicago Schools. Those were the days when trailers were … Continue reading

A Rahm Emmanual Crook

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: Former Chief Executive of Chicago Public Schools Indicted for Accepting Bribes and Kickbacks to Steer No-Bid Contracts CHICAGO — A federal indictment returned today charges BARBARA BYRD-BENNETT with using her position atop the … Continue reading

Unions Complicity in Pension Problems

Frequent McHenry County visitor Allen Skillikorn, an East Dundee Village Trustee, has submitted the following piece on our state’s pension problem: Who’s Really To Blame For Illinois’ Pension Mess? By Allen Skillicorn Let’s go back to May 2005. Rod Blagojevich … Continue reading

39% of Illinois Teachers Pay Nothing for Pensions

“While Democrats say Teachers ‘Have Kept Their Part of the Deal?’“ is the title of an April 5, 2011, article by former Huntley School District 158 Board member Larry Snow.  (The quote was in the Chicago Tribune Marcy 31, 2011.  … Continue reading

The Reverend and State Senator James Meeks Beginning to See the Light on Reforming Schools

It has taken a long time for the Reverend and State Senator James Meeks to gain the courage to tell the truth about Chicago schools and point out paths to improving student performance. Knowing the influence of Chicago school teachers, … Continue reading

The Two Algonquin Connections to Chicago School System Landscaping Scandal

When politically connected Aidan E. Monahan was indicted in July, 2007, I looked at who he had made political contributions to. Just looking at the biggest contributions one can find $108,000 to the state party run by House Speaker Mike … Continue reading