Gitmo Chaplain’s Opinion on the Burning of a Quran

The following letter was emailed to the Dove World Outreach Center of Gainesville, Florida by the Rev. Kent Svendsen, the minister who pastors the First United Methodist Church of Forreston and Leaf River United Methodist Church, both west of Rockford. … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Food Pantry Benefit Concert Saturday Night

Crystal Lake Food Pantry Benefit Concert Saturday Night Here’s something interesting. At the Raue center for the Arts, “local Christian Artists” will perform on Saturday night. I got a black and white version of the poster above as I walked … Continue reading

Hope After Divorce

This is the final and probably most important part of Methodist Pastor Steve Bullmer’s July sermon on marriage and divorce. It contains an interpretation of the woman at the well story in the Book of John which was a revelation … Continue reading

When Your Spouse Has Left You

This is the fourth article in a series about marriage and divorce. It is based on my Methodist minister Steve Bullmer’s sermon on the topic. It was a long, comprehensive one, so I have broken it up into five parts. … Continue reading