Kairos – Prison Ministry that Changes Lives

“God says, ‘If you don’t love your brother, you don’t know me.’” That was part of what Bud Gregory of Kairos Prison Ministry of Illinois had to tell of his weekend experiences at Stateville participating in four-day weekend retreats for prisoners. … Continue reading

Hope After Divorce

This is the final and probably most important part of Methodist Pastor Steve Bullmer’s July sermon on marriage and divorce. It contains an interpretation of the woman at the well story in the Book of John which was a revelation … Continue reading

When Your Spouse Has Left You

This is the fourth article in a series about marriage and divorce. It is based on my Methodist minister Steve Bullmer’s sermon on the topic. It was a long, comprehensive one, so I have broken it up into five parts. … Continue reading

Temptations During a "Good" Marriage

This is the third in a series of sermonettes by Crystal Lake Methodist Minister Steve Bullmer. The first explained the difference between the two words used in the Bible which are translated into “divorce” in English. The second was addressed … Continue reading

If You Haven’t Been Married

Crystal Lake’s Methodist minister Steve Bullmer has drawn on his divorce for sermons July a year ago (links below) and last month. Yesterday, I put up the distinctions between the two words translated “divorce” in English Bibles. You may be … Continue reading

What Does the Bible Say About Divorce? Defining "Divorce"

I can relate to my Pastor Steve Bullmer because he, like I, went through one of those divorces from hell. When he first came to the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake in July, 2008, he preached a series … Continue reading