Coverage of Conservative Methodists’ Victory over Homosexual Activists Missing in Newspapers

Whenever homosexuals win a victory, it is trumpeted all over the media. At the world convention of the United Methodist Church in Tampa this week, the homosexual agenda took a beating, however, and I couldn’t find a line of type … Continue reading

Conservative Methodists Making Headway in World Conference, Big Fight on Homosexuality in Offing

I got two emails Saturday describing what is happening in Tampa during the early stages of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Conference is the counterpart of the quadrennial political party conventions in the United States, except … Continue reading

Contested State Rep. Primary Candidates Appear in Crystal Lake – Part 2

This is the second article on the McHenry County Young Republicans 52nd District State Representative District Candidates’ Forum at Crystal Lake’s McHenry County College.  The first is here. Another interesting exchange involved abortion. Both David McSweeney and Daniele Rowe said … Continue reading

Mark Beaubien State Rep. Replacement Kent Gaffney Identified as “Social Moderate” in Daily Herald

Guess I didn’t read Eric Peterson’s Daily Herald article about Kent Gaffney’s replacing State Rep. Mark Beaubien carefully enough. In my article on the House Appropriations Committee Budget Director’s advancement from staff member to state legislator, I missed the apparent … Continue reading

Twelve Civil Union Licenses Issued First Two Days in McHenry County & Legislative Roll Calls

Just in case you are interested, the McHenry County Clerk’s Office reports that twelve couples were issued civil union licenses during the first two days after the law became effective. The House roll call is below. Representing McHenry County, State … Continue reading

Rockford Catholic Charities’ Adoption Press Conference Text

The Rockford Diocese covers McHenry County. Today its Catholic Charities announced that it would no longer assist the State of Illinois in finding adoptive families for wards of the state. The reason? The new civil unions law that takes effect … Continue reading

Jack Franks and Mark Beaubien Vote for Gay Rights Bill

Democrat Jack Franks, a man who has fashioned an image that portrays himself as a conservative, voted for legislation to legalize civil unions among same sex partners in Illinois. Senate Bill 1716 pass the house 61-52 after an hour debate. … Continue reading

IFI Voter Guide Mail Fail

When I went to the mailbox this afternoon, I found something that obviously was supposed to be delivered before yesterday’s election. It was the Illinois Family Institute’s 2010 Voter’s Guide for the primary eleciton. Since the races for governor as … Continue reading

Uppity Citizen and Community Internet Organizer Angered by Homosexual Legislator’s Sneaky Shortcut

This is the one week in the legislative session to keep alert. The taxeaters are after your money and those with ideas that need to be snuch by in order to have a chance of passing are using parliamentary shortcuts … Continue reading