Windmill PAC Ponies Up for McSweeney after Providing Staffer for Beaubien

Strange things happen in politics. Evidence of that is the pro-windmill Political Action Committee, Clean Energy Illinois is providing a staffer to assist Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan). And, today I noticed that Clean Energy Illinois has given $1,000 to David McSweeney’s … Continue reading

Could a Statewide Building Code Be Aimed at Putting Windmills Anywhere without Local Interference?

A new political committee was founded in July. It’s called Clean Energy Illinois; its chairman and treasurer are both the same individual, a Chicago man named Barry Matchett. Since August 22, it has taken in at least $67,500 mostly in … Continue reading

More Democratic Party Money for Dee Beaubien, Plus $35,600 from the Candidate, Plus Staffer from Windmill Lobby

Take a look at the latest contributors to Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) and you will see $2,669.26  for postage for another mailing paid for the Democratic Party of Illinois. My tally has $46,528.16 from Mike Madigan-contolled Political Action Committees, but, from something … Continue reading