Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

When we went to the Kalahari Water Park in Wisconsin Dells a couple of weeks ago, I was on the lookout for posters about the bargaining rights dispute, the demonstration about which a Friend of McHenry County Blog sent me … Continue reading

Wisconsin Poll Shows 55-44% Disapproval of GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s Job Performance

This press release from We Ask America takes a look at political reactions in Wisconsin to the Republicans’ move to weaken collective bargaining for public employees. We Ask America was the only firm known to have surveyed the 8th Congressional … Continue reading

Getting Two Bites at the Apple and Sitting on Both Sides of the Bargaining Table

There was a cartoon in the Chicago Tribune in which a man wearing a red “Wisconsin Teachers Union” tee shirt says, “Must be some Nazi!” He’s referring to Democratic Party President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1937 comment, “The process of collective bargaining, … Continue reading

Johnsburg Democratic Party State Rep. Tom Hanahan Dies – Part 1

After activist Pat Quinn got his Cutback Amendment to the Illinois Constitution passed in 1980, Johnsburg Democratic Party State Rep. Thomas J. Hanahan didn’t stick around McHenry County. He moved to Park Ridge. I don’t know if that happened before … Continue reading