Jr. College Golden Parachutes Limited

Spurred by the outrageous Golden Parachute given by the outgoing Trustees to the outgoing College of DuPage President, the Illinois General Assembly has sent a bill limited such rewards to one year’s salary. Ex- President Walt Packard’s Golden Parachute came … Continue reading

Mike Smith Elected MCC Board President

Recently elected McHenry County Trustee Mike Smith of Lakewood was elected President of the College Board by a 4-3 vote. He replaced his April running mate Ron Parrish, who sought re-election to the Board Presidency, being nominated by newly-sworn in … Continue reading

College of DuPage Electioneering Pushes Too Far

Since at least the 1970’s, the Election Interference Prohibition Act has been on the books. (As I was researching this article, I discovered that the language has either been repealed by┬áP.A. 87-1052 or placed elsewhere in the Statue books, perhaps … Continue reading

Bill to Stop Junior College Presidents’ Golden Parchutes

An email from newly-elected State Rep. Peter Breen of DuPage County: We’ve watched over the past year as the College of DuPage Board of Trustees has taken a beating in the press for scandal after scandal, and the public outcry … Continue reading

Tribune Gives Credit to Junior College Critic, Jeers to Quid Pro Quo President

Adam Andrzejewski, one conservative candidate for governor among too many in the 2010 Republican Party Primary, founded For the Good of Illinois after his loss. That organization is dedicated to transparency of government records. His latest revelation involved emails from … Continue reading

More Political Hijinks from DuPage County’s Junior College – “It’s Your Move Governor”

From Adam Andrzejewski, Founder & Chairman, For The Good of Illinois: MAKING UP A $50 MILLION BUILDING The College of DuPage has spent $550 million since 2009 on campus construction, but it’s not enough… Dr. Breuder wants to spend $50 … Continue reading