Walkup Claims Gottemoller Township Conflict

A press release from McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup: MORE GOTTEMOLLER CONFLICTS OF INTEREST We already know that McHenry County Board Chairman JOE GOTTEMOLLER had conflicts of interest in voting against the Township Consolidation Referendum due to his … Continue reading

No Help for Bob Anderson from County Ethics Commission

It’s up and down for Wonder Lake’s Bob Anderson. He won his claim that the McHenry County Board violated the Open Meetings Act when it allowed Michele Aavang and Mary McCann to vote by telephone. Then he charged that County … Continue reading

Walkup Charges Gottemoller with Conflict of Interest

A press release from McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup: Walkup Campaign Charges Gottemoller with Conflict of Interest CRYSTAL LAKE, IL – McHenry County Board Chairman, Joseph Gottemoller, was quoted in his interview with the Northwest Herald in response to charges … Continue reading

Gottemoller, Miller Charged with Conflict of Interest on Township Consolidation Referendum Vote

Although the Ethics Complaints that Wonder Lake Republican Precinct Committeeman Bob Anderson made were not included in the Agenda Packet of the Thursday Ethics Commission, they have been released pursuant to a Freedom of Information request filed by McHenry County … Continue reading

County Board Chairman Hopefuls Face Off

Who has the biggest conflict of interest seemed to be the largest contention when McHenry County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller and would-be County Board Chairman Mike Walkup took the McHenry County College stage Thursday night. Appearing at a League of … Continue reading

Rauner’s Handout to Legislators on Policy Agenda & Public Union Conflict of Interest

The following two sheets of paper were what Illinois State Representatives and Senators were reading as Governor Bruce Rauner was delivering his State of the State Speech Wednesday. First the policy pitches: 1. Economic Growth and Jobs Package Pass a … Continue reading

Gottemoller and Walkup Take Different Approaches to Ethics

When the discussion got to the Planning and Development Committee, the choice advanced by Chairman Tina Hill was newcomer Joe Gottemoller. Gottemoller is a newly-elected member of the McHenry County Board. He has done extensive zoning work in the area … Continue reading

MCC Plans to Sell $42 Million in Non-Referendum Bonds – Part 1

An Open Letter from Stephen Willson to the Public Concerning McHenry County College’s $42 Million Health and Wellness Program Proposal. The images included with the Open Letter contain what I think is all the pertinent information provided the Board. When … Continue reading

State’s Attorney’s Office Contacting New County Board Members Holding Other Elected Positions

Multiple sources have told McHenry County Blog that the McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s Office is making contact with the three newly-elected members of the County Board to advise them of the conflict of interest that would exist if … Continue reading

Mike Skala Decides to Serve on Both Huntley School and County Board Despite “Incompatabilty”

I missed the Northwest Herald article about newly-elected McHenry County Board member Mike Skala deciding to stay on the Huntley District 158 School Board until after a suit with contractors is settled. And, it seems that former McHenry County College … Continue reading

Scott Summers Brings Conflict of Interest Appearance Issue to the Fore

A press release from Democratic Party McHenry County Board candidate Scott Summers: Summers calls for heightened conflict-of-interest standards Scott Summers of rural Harvard, a Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Board (District 6), addressed county board members on Tuesday evening … Continue reading

“It Didn’t Hurt a Bit”

I’m reminded of what my daughter Alexandra said when she was two and a half and on her first weekend visitation provided in divorce proceedings with Robin Geist. Alexandra was all dressed up in a pretty outfit that first weekend. … Continue reading

ALAW Offers Reaction to Passage of Conflict of Interest Ordinance It Promoted

Whether the ordinance that the McHenry County Board passed two days ago will make any difference in the way the board does business remains to be seen. But it is a step toward the transparency that citizens need to begin … Continue reading

Conflict of Interest Ordinance on County Board Agenda Tuesdayd

An email from the Alliance of Land, Agriculture and Water about the McHenry County Board’s upcoming consideration of a more revealing conflict of interest ordinance follows: Dear ALAW Members and Supporters, We need your support more than ever Tuesday night! … Continue reading

A More Extensive View of John Ryan’s District 300 School Board Service

Former District 300 Board member was out of the country on his new job when I emailed him asking what he thought his accomplishments were. Interestingly, he did not mention getting elected as a Home School Dad. In 2007, he … Continue reading

Making Public Real Estate Commission when Tax Districts Are Involved

Yesterday, I commented on the Northwest Herald’s recommendation that the McHenry County Board move forward on enacting some form of the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s proposed conflict of interest ordinance. I disagreed with the NW Herald editorial writers’ … Continue reading