Democratic Party Donates $14,436 More to Dee Beaubien

After the close of business at the State Board of Elections yesterday, Independent candidate for State Rep. Dee Beaubien shared with the public her contributions from Mike Madigan’s Political Action Committees. The missing two employees assigned to the race against … Continue reading

Beaubien Abortion and McSweeney Property Tax Pieces Arrive Friday

The pro-abortion Personal PAC launched its second mailing on behalf of Dee Baubien (Ind.-Madigan) in her race against Republican David McSweeney. It arrived on the last workday of the third week of October. It features former George Ryan Lt. Gov. … Continue reading

Pro-Choice Retired GOP Women State Reps. Write Letter for Dee Beaubien

Here’s the letter that arrived at some Republican households today on Dee Beaubien’s behalf. Except for one who is not running for re-election, it’s signed by former Republican legislators–all women, all Pro-Choice: Corrine Wood Rosemary Mulligan Suzanne Bassi Elizabeth Coulson … Continue reading