State Bonuses for County Officials in Crosshairs of Budget Cutters

What might be characterized as thinly-disguised bribes to keep county officials running for the Illinois General Assembly have come under attack in the Daily Herald in an article by Jack Griffin. Called “stipends,” they are payments to county officials for … Continue reading

When County Sheriffs and Treasurers Couldn’t Succeed Themselves

There was a time when neither Illinois sheriffs nor treasurers could succeed themselves. In some counties two people traded off.  Treasurer one term, sheriff the next, etc. At an Illinois County Treasurers Association in the late 1960’s, I asked about … Continue reading

$1 Million and The Tax Collector Doesn’t Know Who It Belongs To

Found this little item on “Boone County Watchdog.” How would you like to be a Boone County resident and read in a county management letter accompanying the annual audit: “We noted the Collector held over $1 million in savings as … Continue reading