CL Police Starts Automated Reporting System for Minor Crimes, Seek Patterns

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department: Crystal Lake Police Department’s Online Self-Reporting system is available for victims of minor criminal incidents Currently available, victims of minor criminal incidents that occur within the corporate limits of Crystal Lake … Continue reading

Repeat Mexican Illegal Alien Off to Federal Pen after Being Found in McHenry County

The following press release details how a Mexican criminal was sent back to his homeland, but returned. Now he is going to Federal prison. The interesting part of the release to me is the reference to his having been found … Continue reading

Sheriff’s Office Gets 42 More Illegal Aliens with Criminal Records Off the Street in October

As usual, I asked the number of undocumented aliens that were detained in McHenry County during October, 2010, under the Secure Communities program of the Department of Homeland Security. And (drum roll) the number of criminal illegals is “42 conversions … Continue reading

38 Criminal Illegals Picked Up in McHenry County in September

McHenry County Blog continues to be the only local publication that thinks the Department of Homeland Security’s Secure Communities program is worth watching. This month, the program Sheriff Keith Nygren joined in April, saw 38 illegal aliens with criminal records … Continue reading

41 More Illegal Aliens with Criminal Backgrounds Picked Up in McHenry County

Forty-one more illegals have been placed in the custody of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department in the month of August. I asked the Sheriff’s Department to tell me which law enforcement agencies picked up the undocumented criminals, but was told … Continue reading

Nygren Locks Up 42 Criminal Illegals in July

The number of people turned over to ICE by Keith Nygren’s McHenry County Sheriff’s Department during July was forty-two. That’s forty-two more criminals off the street. Nygren entered the Homeland Security Department’s Secure Communities program, along with other collar county … Continue reading

National Sheriff’s Association Supports Criminal Alien Enforcement Programs

Considering people in most counties voted Republican, I guess it’s not much of a surprise that the National Sheriffs’ Association passed a resolution in favor of ridding their jurisdictions of illegal aliens who are criminals. The end of June, at … Continue reading