Cancer Survivor Josh Brent Keeps Promise to Bring Tears to South High School Student Eyes

When you take a speech course, the teacher gives this advice: Tell them what you are going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you told them. In Crystal Lake South High School’s Freshman Josh Brent’s speech, he followed … Continue reading

Gulf Coast Vacation in a Box Wins Merriment Award at Crystal Lake Kiwanis Christmas Party

Former Supervisor of Assessments Donna Mayberry, a new member of Crystal Lake Kiwanis, came up with the funniest Christmas present for the under $15 exchange at the Crystal Lake County Club party last night. The imaginative lady came up with … Continue reading

Anglicans Planting Church in Crystal Lake

Never can tell what one will encounter at the Crystal Lake Kiwanis Club. Wednesday at Colonial Cafe, the speaker was the Rev. Heather Ann Martinez. Encouraged by a Crystal Lake couple who had been attending the West Chicago Anglican Church … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Hair

St. Baldrick’s Day, plus 9 Last Saturday before last, I ran into fellow Crystal Lake Kiwanis Club member Mike Splitt at the Crystal Lake Business Expo. He was one of the brave ones who had his head shaved March 19th … Continue reading