Message of the Day – No Swimming

Here we are in February, 2009. There’s melted water on top of the ice in Crystal Lake. It’s right before the Crystal Lake Park District’s Doc Haznow Chili Open. An on-the-ice golf tournament. Somehow the “No Swimming” sign in the … Continue reading

One Millionth Hit for McHenry County Blog Today

It was October, 2005, when the Vulcan Lakes TIF proposal by the city council spurred me to start McHenry County Blog. I knew–and knew that most others didn’t–that every dollar that gets poured into a Tax Increment Financing District’s project … Continue reading

Zane Seipler Out Campaigning on Election Day

Most local candidates think campaigning time is over the Sunday before the election. It’s not over, of course, until the polls close at 7 PM. Today, standing out in front of my Crystal Lake Park District Main Beach polling place … Continue reading

Woodies Invade Crystal Lake Main Beach – Part 4

Here’s the fourth installment of the Woodies on display at the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach last Sunday, July 26th. A 1957 Ford Thunderbird convertible was the next car my camera lens focused on. It also has a vanity … Continue reading

Woodies Invade Crystal Lake Main Beach – Part 3

Still more woodies whose owners brought them to the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach Sunday, July 26, appear below. A Ford station wagon, this one with Illinois Antique Vehicle license plate number 4748. Above is its front end. Notice … Continue reading

Message of the Day – A License Plate

One of the things I accomplished while separated from the internet was scheduling our vacation. This year, with my son being the age I was when we moved to Salt Lake City from Easton, Maryland, I thought it might be … Continue reading