Lake County Sheriff’s Spokesman Running for GOP Committeeman in Cary

Seeing Chris Covelli¬†on the news Wednesday night with regard to the indictment of Fox Lake’s GI Joe’s wife reminded me that I met him at State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s Meet and Greet last week at Crystal Lake Rib House. His … Continue reading

Kenneally Sets Meet & Greet

McHenry County candidate for State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally rolls out endorsements on his invitation to a Meet & Greet on January 21st at the Crystal Lake Rib House on Route 176. On the Host Committee are McHenry ¬†County State’s Attorney … Continue reading

Law Enforcement Campaign Signs

It was probably Don Manzullo’s 1992 campaign that started the tradition of politicians’ using the public right-of-way for political signs. That was when he was running against former State Senator Jack Schaffer, McHenry County’s favorite. Schaffer had plenty of sign … Continue reading