State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi Tells Judge He Fears Disbarment If He “Investigates, Indicts or Prosecutes” Sheriff Keith Nygren

Wednesday afternoon, Associate Judge Thomas Meyer heard testimony from McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi about the “conflict of interest” that Bianchi sees in representing Sheriff Keith Nygren in some seven suits and preparing 4-5 opinions and at the same … Continue reading

More from Dave Bachmann about his Conversation with Scott Milliman

If you are interested in Dave Bachmann’s take on what another Deputy that McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren fired said in the deposition that he gave in Zane Seipler’s Federal wrongful termination suit, another installment has been posted on Dirty … Continue reading

Dave Bachmann Continues His Story: Keith Nygren Meets with Scott Milliman, Milliman Meets with FBI

If you are not following the story about Keith Nygren from David Bachmann’s (the 2008 Democratic Party’s 2008 candidate for McHenry County Coroner) point of view, you might find it of interest. With the decision on naming a Special Prosecutor … Continue reading

Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry Returns to the Internet

David Bachmann’s blog, which he calls “Dirty Harry vs. Dirty Keith,” is back on your computer screen, if you click here. Bachmann seems intent upon telling the story about what now-fired Deputy Scott Milliman said in his sworn deposition in … Continue reading

The Deputy Sheriff Greg Pyle Story Unfolds – 10 Counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault

My guess is that Chicago media will be reporting on the arrest of McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Greg Pyle on, maybe even before, Monday. Ten counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault, according to Illinois State Police Spokesperson Monique Bond. … Continue reading

Dave Bachmann Tells How His Excess Prescription Drug Collection Idea Got Noticed by the DEA and How Jack Franks Dropped the Ball

Yesterday I posted a story about the Huntley Police Department’s participating in in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s prescription drug collection program. Crystal Lake is, too. Maybe there are other local police departments who have signed on as drop off points … Continue reading

DEA Drug Take Back Program Reaches McHenry County

The first I heard of some public entity wanting to collect unused drugs was in David Bachmann’s unsuccessful campaign for McHenry County Coroner. That was on October 21, 2007, when Bachmann was introducing what he wanted to do, if elected … Continue reading

Another Republican Politician Gets Caught with Florida and Home State Homestead Exemption Problem

It was before the Republican primary election that 2008 Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Coroner, David Bachmann, discovered that Sheriff Keith Nygren’s wife had a Homestead Exemption in Florida, while the Sheriff had one in Hebron. I never did … Continue reading

Zane Seipler Asks Questions About Sheriff Nygren’s Use of Paid Employees in Parades – Part 2

Yesterday, Part 1 of this story ran on McHenry County Blog. Put in its narrowest context, the question asked by Zane Seipler, the Republican whom incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren beat in the GOP primary, is “Should a driver of a … Continue reading

Zane Seipler Asks Questions About Sheriff Nygren’s Use of Paid Employees in Parades – Part 1

One of the differences I noticed between the McHenry Fiesta Day Parade entries of McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren and Democratic Party challenger Mike Mahon was that Mahon had people walking and Nygren didn’t. One would assume that the uniformed … Continue reading

Republicans at War

In case you haven’t noticed the forces grouped behind McHenry County Sheriff are at war with the forces behind McHenry County State’s Attorney. I have no clue when the war started, but it was manifested in Sheriff Keith Nygren‘s not … Continue reading

Prescription Drug Pickup in New Jersey

One of the issues that Dave Bachmann, unsuccessful 2008 Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Coroner, proposed in his October 31, 2007, candidacy announcement was initiation of a prescription drug collection from those who died at home under hospice care. … Continue reading

“Somebody tipped those ‘Punks’ off!!!”

Want to know why former Democratic Party candidate Dave Bachmann is ticked off at McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren? It’s not because the Nygren family got Homestead Exemptions in both Florida and Illinois. It’s not because Nygren endorsed fellow Republican … Continue reading

Blog v. Blog Comment Mud Fight

A while ago, McHenry County Blog took note that the blog Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry had something of a counterpart in The Diametrical Woodstock Advocate Alas, former Democratic candidate for McHenry County Coroner David Bachmann’s frequent updates have not … Continue reading

McHenry County Sheriff’s Race – Blog v. Blog

As I pointed out September 11th, former McHenry County Coroner candidate Dave Bachmann created an anti-Sheriff Keith Nygren blog. It’s called “Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry” It’s an electronic whispering campaign. At least that’s what it reminded me of when … Continue reading

Bianchi’s Ex-Secretary Says She Did Campaign Work on County Time

Daily Herald reporter Chuck Keeshan is reporting today that former McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s secretary, now NIU student Amy Dalby, stole office computer files to be able to defend herself, “should anyone later claim she was part of … Continue reading

Did Tom Cynor Try to Mess with Lou Bianchi’s Mind Right Before the Election?

After reading the following emails below from the 2008 McHenry County Democratic Party’s candidate for coroner, Dave Bachmann, I’m beginning to wonder. You may remember that Cynor poured $35,000 into his campaign fund in mid-October. If I had been Cynor’s … Continue reading

Almost 7,400 Obama Victory Margin in McHenry County – 5.3 Percentage Point Victory

Without early voting totals folded into the results, Barack Obama was leading John McCain by one percentage point. After adding those early votes in, Obama’s lead leaped to 5.3 percentage points: 51.75% to 46.45%. House Speaker Mike Madigan will have … Continue reading