Island Lake Trustees Sack Ancel Glink

The senior partner turned out for his firm’s firing by four out of six Trustees in Island Lake Monday night. The distinguished looking, white haired Stewart Diamond was in his unmarked seat next to the Village President’s seat early for … Continue reading

Island Lake May Change Village Attorneys

Island Lake may switch attorneys from Ancel, Glink to Zukowski, Rogers, Flood and McArdle Monday night. Ancel, Glink,  you may remember was the firm representing Grafton Township until Judge Michael Caldwell dismissed it in the Linda Moore versus Township Trustees … Continue reading

Prairie Grove Village Board Meeting Packed with Upset Hunters, Gun Owners

Republicans of all ages, including many members of the McHenry County Young Republicans, hunters, sportsman, and local residents packed the Prairie Grove Village Hall last night. The Second Amendment advocates were inspired by a Saturday article in the Northwest Herald … Continue reading