Rockford Federal Judge Refuses to Change Pavlin Verdict Against Sheriff’s Department

“Defendants’ motion to alter judgment is denied.” That’s the summary of the decision rendered by Judge Frederick J. Kapala in the case in which Jerome and Carla Pavlin sued a whole passel of McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputies Jeremy Bruketta Kyle … Continue reading

Ten Applicants for McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Education Before Word Got Out There Was No Money for Salaries in State Budget

Here’s the list I received in response to my Freedom of Information request for the names of those who have applied to become the McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools. You may remember when it became clear that Governor Pat … Continue reading

McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Retirements

In response to a Freedom of Information request the Sheriff’s Office has provided a list of retirements since 2008. Pay levels were also included. There aren’t too many in 2008 and 2009.  Take a look below for those folks: It’s … Continue reading