Island Lake Campaign Literature

Into my inbox came campaign literature from one side of the Island Lake fight today. It’s from the “Right Party.” These are the folks who opposed Village President Debbie Herrmann’s way of running the village. You can read it below: … Continue reading

Island Lake Trustees Sack Ancel Glink

The senior partner turned out for his firm’s firing by four out of six Trustees in Island Lake Monday night. The distinguished looking, white haired Stewart Diamond was in his unmarked seat next to the Village President’s seat early for … Continue reading

Island Lake Upstarts Turn Table of New, But Not a Reform Mayor

Here’s what an Island Lake friend of McHenry County Blog wrote me about tonight’s village board meeting: If you visit the Island Lake Blog (What’s Happening in Island Lake?) you will see that tonight’s agenda was pass an ordinance that … Continue reading

Six Write-Ins Running for Office – Part 2

There are six people who figured out sixty days before the election that they could run a write-in campaign and registered such an intention with the county clerk. That’s what a new state law requires. Two of the six write-in … Continue reading

Pig Farmer’s Advice to Voters Everywhere

Island Lake pig farmer Bob Wargaski. he who fought and beat “city hall,” lives outside the village limits, but obviously has “had it up to here” with the way the incumbents have run things there. He commissioned the cartoon you … Continue reading