Dem Party Chairman Solicited Petition Passers for Harrison

The following email made it to my inbox. It is from Mike Bisset, the Democratic Party Chairman in McHenry County. The Democrats are running no one for countywide office, just as the Democrats ran no one against Dave McSweeney two … Continue reading

Independents vs. Republicans, One Win in Five in Last Five Months

With Jim Harrison deciding that he is going to run as an Independent in the McHenry County Sheriff’s race next year, it’s time to look at what has happened in the recent past when Independents ran against Republicans. The most … Continue reading

Dee Beaubien’s Latino Pitch – Was It the Same as Was Made Successfully by Democrats Elsewhere?

Below you will see two post cards sent by Illinois Immigrant Action PAC on behalf of Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan). They are aimed at Lations, the group which turned out to be the secret weapon for Democrats in district after district. … Continue reading

NWH Editor Concludes Madigan Contributions to Dee Beaubien Might Lead to Madigan for Speaker Vote

Northwest Herald Editor Dan McCaleb evaluates Independent Dee Beaubien’s likelihood of voting for Democrat Mike Madigan for House Speaker today. Read his conclusion: “Do you think the most powerful politician in Illinois would give so much money to an “independent” … Continue reading

Last Minute McSweeney-Beaubien Mailings

Five, count them. Five mailings arrived in the David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) vs. Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) campaign on Thursday and Friday. You can see them below: Beaubien has a piece from Personal PAC, the pro-abortion organization.  It emphasizes something McSweeney … Continue reading

Democratic Party Donates $14,436 More to Dee Beaubien

After the close of business at the State Board of Elections yesterday, Independent candidate for State Rep. Dee Beaubien shared with the public her contributions from Mike Madigan’s Political Action Committees. The missing two employees assigned to the race against … Continue reading

Tribune Lets Readers Know of Madigan Involvement in State Rep. Races, including McSweeney-Beaubien

The Chicago Tribune ran a full page story on Democratic Party Chairman and House Speaker Mike Madigan’s support of mainly Democrats in the Chicago suburbs. The exception to the “mainly Democrats,” of course is Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan). According to the … Continue reading

McSweeney Puts in Another $60,000, Total Personal Money Now Exceeds Beaubien’s, $1.5 Million in Total Expenditures

On top of the $195,000 Republican candidate for State Rep. had put into his campaign previously, he reported adding another $60,000 last night. The total is $255,000 out of his own pocket. In addition, the following contributions were listed: $10,000 … Continue reading