McSweeney and Roeser Match Madigan $100,000 for Beaubien, Schock & 7 GOP State Reps. Send Money

Or maybe it was David McSweeney matching Dee Beaubien’s $50,000 In any event, David McSweeney put in another $50,000 and Jack Roeser contributed another $40,000. Who can keep track? The money that has flowed into McSweeney’s campaign fund from individuals … Continue reading

$100,000 More in Mike Magidan Money for Independent (sic) Dee Beaubien Campaign – Total $425,613

Campaign disclose forms filed by Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) shows more than another $100,000 having been received from Mike Madigan’s Democratic Party of Illinois. $5,338.52 for postage. $95,000 in case. The total from the three Madigan-controlled Political Action Committees? $425,612.93 … Continue reading

Second Misleading Social Security-Medicare Post Card Sent on Dee Beaubien’s Behalf Last Week from Mike Madigan

When I posted the “David McSweeney will take away Social Security and Medicar”e post card from the Illinois Democratic Party on Dee Beaubien’s behalf, I didn’t know that two had hit the mailboxes last week. I can’t be sure of … Continue reading

Beaubien Abortion and McSweeney Property Tax Pieces Arrive Friday

The pro-abortion Personal PAC launched its second mailing on behalf of Dee Baubien (Ind.-Madigan) in her race against Republican David McSweeney. It arrived on the last workday of the third week of October. It features former George Ryan Lt. Gov. … Continue reading

What Caused a Homeowner Andrew Gasser Approached to “Turn from Red to Near Purple?”

It was this Catholic’s discovery that Dee Beaubien is not Pro-Life. Read the whole story at Andrew Gasser’s Blog. The upshot?: “He then walked out and pulled the Beaubien sign out of the ground.” Gasser’s advice to conservatives? We conservatives … Continue reading

McSweeney Responds to Beaubien Pounding on Abortion Issue

Last week Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Beaubien) played Rock-em-Sock-em with Dave McSweeney on the issue of abortion in the mailbox, on radio and television. To that point McSweeney had taken the pinata approach to the campaign, much as State Senator Bill Brady … Continue reading