UPDATEDx2: Republicans’ 2024 Keynote Speech Made by Congressman Kevin Kiley on the House Floor on Friday Exposing Gavin Newsom “Alternative Reality” and “Delusional” View of California Governance

Kevin Kiley Gavin Newsom Blistering critique of Democratic policies at the state level in California shows the blueprint to prove leftist policies in states and Washington do not work On Friday, after the U.S. House completed its legislative business including … Continue reading

Democrats Announce Convention Results

The following people will be leading the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee for the next two years: Kristina Zahorik Chair • Nunda 25, Oakwood Hills Ruth Scifo Vice Chair • Algonquin 50, Crystal Lake Michael Bissett Treasurer • Grafton 12, … Continue reading

Nunda Township Democrats Roll Out Clerk, Trustee Candidates

They will contest the April election with the following Republican candidates: Supervisor Kelvin Lee Jennigs Catherine M. Williams Michael Walkup Township Assessor Mark Dzemske Justin Franzke Road Commissioner “Iron” Mike Lespernce Eric Dowd Clerk Joni Smith Trustee (4 to be … Continue reading

Dems React to Boehner’s Stepping Down

Don’t know how, but I’ve gotten on some Democratic Party congressional fundraising email lists. Thought you might be interested in how Democrats are using House Speaker John Boehner’s announced resignation from the top post. Before today, their pitch was aimed … Continue reading

Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) Pushes Windmills in Another Democratic Party Mailing

After looking at the mailing that arrived today for Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan) from the Democratic Party of Illinois, I continue to wonder if the Barrington Hills resident is suggesting that windmills should be allowed in her hometown. And, if the … Continue reading

The McHenry County Democratic Party – The 40 out of 212 Precincts Where People Filed for Committeeman

A while back McHenry County Blog took a look at how the Republican Party was faring, based on the number of people who filed GOP Precinct Committeeman petitions. Let’s take a walk down that same path with McHenry County Democrats. … Continue reading

As of Friday Noon, Dems Up to 18 Cmmmitteeman Candidates

Monday, the first day for filing petitions for public and party office, only one Democrat, Ringwood’s Marti Swanson filed for precinct committeeman. As of Friday noon, the minority party was up to 18 filings. GRAFTON 18 – Denise Barreto, 5525 … Continue reading

Jack Franks’ Office To Be Used to Lobby for Federal Health Care Reform Plan

One of the friends of McHenry County Blog has discovered that Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks’ Woodstock office is going to be used Tuesday, September 1st, to lobby citizens for President Barack Obama’s health care reform plan. The “host” … Continue reading