Slim Pickings for Political Watchers at the McHenry County Fair

It’s an off year for politics. The major partisan elections are next year. Maybe that’s the reason. Jack Franks’ tent is near the entrance, but he wasn’t there so I didn’t take a photo.  (Later I was told he was … Continue reading

Scott Summers Nomination for 708 Board Defeated 18-6, Tina Hill Asserts Power

18-6 was the vote on the McHenry County Board to reject the Public Health and Human Services Committee nomination of former McHenry County College Board President Scott Summers to the 708 Mental Health Board. But no one made a comment … Continue reading

Politics May Cause Floor Fight over Scott Summers’ 708 Board Nomination

When I saw that Scott Summers had been picked by the Public Health & Human Services Committee, it struck me that the committee had picked a Democrat. (And, before that, a Green Party candidate for State Treasurer and Congress.) Not … Continue reading

Ken Tentler Explains His Lake in the Hills Village Trustee Candidacy

Last Thursday night after the McHenry mayoral campaign forum, I met Ken Tentler.  He introduced himself and told me he was running for Village Trustee in Lake in the Hills. To say I was surprised that a LITH candidate would be … Continue reading

Race for Village President in Lake in the Hills

With Village President Ed Plaza retiring, Village Trustee Paul Mulcahy is running for the office. Realtor Bill Dusting is challenging him. Village Clerk Denise Wasserman has not filed for re-election, although the post pays $6,000. The following four have filed … Continue reading

The Lake in the Hills Sunset Festival Parade

What great timing I had. As I was arriving the parade was about ready to kick off and a helpful policeman, after figuring out that I really didn’t want to head down the street toward the front of the parade, … Continue reading

LITH Village Trustee Denise Barreto Holds First Quarterly Coffee with Constituents

Only one non-family constituent showed up for Denise Barreto’s first coffee with constituents at Lake in the Hills’ Starbucks on Randall Road Saturday morning. It was Julie Arndt, who lives in Western Lake in the Hills. Here you can see … Continue reading

Newly Elected Lake in the Hills Trustee Has Blog

Not many locally elected officials have blogs. Today I discovered one for Denise Barreto, elected to the Lake in the Hills village board last spring. Her blog is the only one I know of in McHenry County. It’s called, Denise … Continue reading