Harvard’s Milk Day Day Parade with Emphasis on Politics – Part 2

Harvard’s Milk Day Parade was Saturday. I was there looking for election tea leaves. What I saw in the first part of the parade can be found here. Another Democrat came next. He is Dennis Anderson, the minority party’s second-time … Continue reading

Stalwart Campaigns for Dennis Anderson

I reported on Independent McHenry County Sheriff candidate Jim Harrison’s volunteers collecting signatures at Woodstock’s Fair Diddley, but there was more political activity. In the center of the Square Terry Kappel was passing out campaign literature for the Democratic Party’s … Continue reading

Congressional Candidate Dennis Anderson Holding Saturday, Sept. 1st Fund Raiser in Harvard

A press release from 14th District Democratic Party Congressional candidate Dennis Anderson: Harvard’s McGarry Bowl Hosts Dennis Anderson for Congress Fundraiser Crystal Lake—Dennis Anderson, Democratic candidate for Congress in the new 14th District will have a bowling and pizza fundraiser … Continue reading

Randy Hultgren’s Opponent Dennis Anderson Has Office in Crystal Lake

Folks in McHenry County can probably be excused for not knowing that 14th District Congressman Randy Hultgren, a Republican re-distracted into all of McHenry County except Algonquin Township (which is to be in Congressman Peter Roskam’s 8th District) has a … Continue reading

Frank McClatchey Says Walsh’s Switch to 8th District Reason for Not Running for Congress

Former McHenry Alderman and Democratic Party Chairman in McHenry County Frank McClatchey has sent the following email withdrawing his candidacy for Congress in the 14th District against Republican Randy Hultgren. There is a candidate from Gurnee, Dennis Anderson. Gurnee is … Continue reading