Mystery Sheriff’s Department Exposé Blogger Identified as Zane Seipler’s Wife Rose Seipler

In Zane Seipler’s Federal wrongful termination suit, Sheriff Keith Nygren’s attorney, James Sotos, is attempting to gain dismissal because of the posting of confidential case documents from Zane’s home computer. His reasoning is that Seipler deliberately released documents (see them … Continue reading

Bianchi Attorney Wins Ability to Question Quest Concerning Hidden Evidence

One of the refrains during the first criminal trial of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi was that Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan had not handed over evidence in a timely fashion. Or, maybe not at all. Today, Judge Joseph McGraw … Continue reading

Rockford McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Revelations Move to Woodstock Courthouse in Call for Special Prosecutor

December 15, 2010, there was a Rockford court hearing in which 15-year McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Milliman’s sworn deposition testimony was discussed in Zane Seipler’s wrongful termination case against the Sheriff’s Department. Now the arena moves to Woodstock where … Continue reading

Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 8

It was the 30th day of the month of March where we left off looking at the Ancel Glink bill for defending the four Grafton Township Trustees in Linda Moore’s Separation of Powers suit against them and Township Attorney Keri-Lyn … Continue reading

Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 7

This article covers the third page of the $18,000.73 bill from the Grafton Township law firm Ancel Glink for services regarding the Separation of Powers suit filed by Supervisor Linda Moore against the four Township Trustees.  We are now on … Continue reading