Feds Sue Des Plaines over Religious Zoning Rejection

A press release follows from the U.S. Attorney’s Office is on the subject of zoning a religious property. During the debate on the Coral Township zoning request the act cited, Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, was mentioned as being … Continue reading

Independent Candidate for Sheriff Jim Harrison Claims Republican Primary Candidate Bill Prim Ignored Des Plaines Police Beatings, GOP Candidate Bill Prim Replies

A press release from Independent candidate for McHenry County Sheriff Jim Harrison: Sheriff’s Candidate Bill Prim Tied to Des Plaines Police Beatings! Independent Sheriff’s candidate Jim Harrison is urging voters to examine an Arbitrator’s ruling [SEE ATTACHED] that found that, … Continue reading

Retired Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim, 20-Year Cary Resident, Announces for McHenry County Sheriff

A press release from McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim: VETERAN POLICE COMMANDER BILL PRIM DECLARES  CANDIDACY FOR SHERIFF; VOWS TO RECONNECT OFFICE WITH THE PEOPLE OF MCHENRY Veteran Police Commander and longtime McHenry County resident Bill Prim announced Wednesday … Continue reading

20% Increase in Gambling Yields Only 2.1% More for State Aid to Education, Des Plaines Casino Cannibalizes Nearby Illinois and Indiana Competitors

The money lost at casinos in Illinois has increase over 20%, but money going to State Aid to Education is up only 2.1%. One reason is that Illinois has a graduated income tax based on calendar years. Because Des Plaines … Continue reading